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Statement on the use of small group tuition fund

As part of the government’s response to the pandemic, they have provided some additional funding for students aged 16-19 who have not yet reached a grade 5 or above in either or both GCSEs in English and Maths. The full guidance can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/16-to-19-funding-16-to-19-tuition-fund

We are in receipt of this funding and are using it in the following ways, during the college day and also during evenings and weekends to help students who have had their learning disrupted by the move to online learning during periods of shutdown or necessary self-isolation:

Maths and English catch-up sessions as part of our Talent Lab provision

These classes have been put onto students’ timetables and are registered. We have prioritised these for students who have not yet achieved a grade 4, and for those with special educational needs who would benefit from small group tuition in these subjects. Students are being taught in small groups for an hour each week over a period of 30 weeks.

Small group catch-up classes in subject areas

These sessions are for small groups or one-to-one, comprise catch-up work for students’ main programmes and may be delivered by Progress Coaches, Personal Mentors or teachers.  They are prioritised for students who have not yet achieved a grade 5 in at least one of GCSE English or Maths, and for those would benefit the most from catch-up classes due to particular disruption to their study, which might be occasioned through learning needs or lack of appropriate equipment, or personal challenges faced by the pandemic.  They are taking place throughout the year, with students targeted to attend until they have caught up on the necessary work.