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Critical Thinking

  • Course Level: AS Level
  • Qualification: AS
  • Awarded By: OCR GCE

Introduction to course

You only have to pick up a newspaper or switch on the television to come across appalling reasoning.

This course will enable you to spot flaws in arguments, identify common fallacies and give you the skills to construct your own water-tight arguments.

You will learn how politicians, journalists and authority figures misuse evidence, draw invalid conclusions and even use personal attacks in order to convince you of their view.

Not only will your arguing skills develop - you will vet your own views and discover that many of them simply do not bear scrutiny.

Course Details


Unit 1: Foundation Unit

You will identify the structure of reasoning, evidence, counter-examples, flawed arguments and fallacies. 

Unit 2: Information, Inference and Explanation

You will apply the content of Unit 1 in addition to the use of statistics, inference and various forms of evidence.

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs grades A*- C are required.  You must have at least a grade B in English and a C grade in Maths.

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Where the course lead

The course offers students a suitable foundation for progression into Higher Education. Students will also find critical thinking skills of great benefit in preparation for a wide range of careers in the following fields: Law, Social Sciences, Journalism, Medicine, Business and Engineering.

This course combines well with

Any subject - the fundamental skills you will gain underpin any study at level 3 and beyond.

Course Assessment


Unit 1 and 2: Exams in January and June.


Unit 3 and 4: Exams in June only.

Course Progression

Critical Thinking is highly valued by universities, as it demonstrates the fundamental evaluative skills required for any degree.

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