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Mathematics GCSE

  • Course Level: GCSE
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Qualification: GCSE
  • Awarded By: EDEXCEL GCSE

Introduction to course

1 year, assessed by exams

GCSE Maths is essential for entry onto many university level courses - and employers look for it, too, in most business areas. If you obtained a grade D from school, then during your time with us our friendly teachers will help you to improve your grade with this very popular resit course.

Course Details

We follow a linear Edexcel course.

Entry Requirements

This GCSE resit course is suitable for students who have previously obtained a grade D in GCSE Maths at school and wish to improve it to a grade C.

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Where the course lead

GCSE Maths grade C is an essential requirement for nearly all university degree courses.

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