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Media AS

  • Course Level: AS Level
  • Duration: 2 Year
  • Qualification: AS
  • Awarded By: OCR GCE

Introduction to course

Media students take pride in the department's advanced features, which include fully digital video recording and editing facilities, latest industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, PageMaker, Flash and good digital photography facilities.

The department runs regular workshops offering excellent student support and also provides students with the opportunity to go on education trips as part of their course.

Course Details

This subject offers you the opportunity to combine a theoretical understanding of the mass media in society and methods for analysing media texts (for example; television programmes and films) with the development of practical skills primarily for video media production.

The balance of theory and practical work means that you will learn about the role of media in society, analyse texts from a variety of media, and produce texts of your own.  This combination of practical and theoretical work requires that you have a creative, practical side as well as a good ability to express yourself clearly and analytically in writing.

Entry Requirements

The general entry requirements apply.

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Where the course lead

University courses in Media and Film Studies, the Humanities, Communications and a wide range of careers.

This course combines well with

English, Sociology or Photography offer useful complementary perspectives; but virtually any humanities course will combine usefully.

This course is not suitable with

BTEC vocational course; except as an AS with subjects other than Media

Course Assessment

There are 4 Units during the two year A Level course:

The coursework elements are internally marked and externally moderated; the exams are marked externally.

  • AS G321  Foundation Portfolio - practical and written coursework
  • AS G322  Key Media Concepts -  2 hour written exam with 2 questions  
  • A2 G324  Advanced Portfolio - practical and written coursework
  • A2 G325  Critical Perspectives in Media - 2 hour written exam with 3 questions

Course Progression

Combined with other A Levels it facilitates entry to Higher Education in a range of courses; but it also teaches you the practical skills required to start a career in the moving image aspects of the media industry if you are prepared to start at the bottom.

Additional Information



A degree in Media Studies could lead to a career in the industry; but the analytical skills acquired provide a sound foundation for a range of different careers.



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