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Psychology AS

  • Course Level: AS Level
  • Qualification: AS
  • Awarded By: AQA

Introduction to course

Are you fascinated by why we act the way we do, what makes us tick, why we get angry, why we fall in love? Psychology is the study of behaviour and covers many aspects of it such as instinct, sensation, learning, memory, motivation, intelligence, dreams and sleep. Psychologists examine the human mind as carefully as astrophysicists study the galaxies or biochemists study DNA. In addition to the general entry requirements you will need a C in Maths and at least 2 other B grades in relevant subjects. This course combines well with both science and social science/humanities subjects.

Course Details

During your studies you will have the opportunity to explore the following areas of Psychology:

  • Cognitive Psychology (Memory) - which will give you an understanding of the models of memory and how we use memory in everyday life.
  • Social Psychology - in which you will learn to understand, demonstrate and evaluate the influences of society, groups and individuals on people's behaviour.
  • Psychological abnormality (Psychopathology) - defining abnormality, features of the key explanations of abnormality and treatments for abnormal thought and behaviour.
  • Developmental Psychology - investigates the ways in which children and adults develop
  • Physiological Psychology - here you will learn how the brain, the nervous system, the endocrine system and genetics provide an important insight into human behaviour and experience.
  • Research Methods and Data Analysis - which is an introduction to the different methods of research employed in Psychology. You will learn how to carry out your own research and analyse the data you obtain.

Entry Requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements you will need a C in Maths and at least 2 other B grades in relevant subjects.

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This course combines well with

This course combines well with both Science and Social Science/Humanities subjects.

Course Progression

Most university courses and employers in such areas as Advertising, Social Work, Human Resources and Management value a Psychology qualification.

Additional Information

GCSE Psychology is also available.

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