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Physics AS

  • Course Level: AS Level
  • Qualification: AS
  • Awarded By: AQA

Introduction to course

Do you want to understand the fundamental principles that govern the universe and everything in it? Enter the exciting world of space exploration, communication networks, designing diagnostic equipment for hospitals... the modern world.

You get to do so many different things in physics that it is always interesting. For example, you will do calculations, learn theory, watch demonstrations and work with each other on projects and experiments. Many of our students say they thought physics would be hard and they were amazed they found it easy and had so much fun doing physics at Monoux.

Course Details

The main physics units will include radioactivity and atoms, electricity, mechanics (which will help you with maths), waves and light, gravity and space, magnetism, nuclear physics and medical physics (this is a separate topic and very useful if you intend to study medicine at university). You will also learn some very interesting topics in modern Physics relating to Einstein, Quantum Physics and Nuclear/ Particle Physics.

One module in both AS and A Level has an experimental investigation for which you will get a chance to design your own experiments. You will be able to apply for a Masterclass of 8 lectures, some at Monoux and some at Queen Mary, University of London. The course takes 20 of our students each year and allows them to explore some very exciting topics in modern Physics, as well as giving them a taste of university life.


There will be one main experimental lesson each week. Much of the equipment you will use is very modern and sophisticated, giving a good introduction to the world of modern physics. You will use lasers, radiation counters, electron tubes and many other pieces of equipment in our up-to-date, well equipped laboratories.

There are also experiment simulations on computer and analysing Physics in the real world by studying videocam records of events. Experiments help you learn all sorts of skills - maths, data analysis, use of correct language and scientific vocabulary.

Entry Requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements you will need a B in Maths, at least one B grade in Science and a B grade in another relevant subject.

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Where the course lead

Physics opens the door to many university courses and, ultimately, rewarding and challenging careers including all kinds of Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Dentistry, Robotics, Astronomy and, of course, Physics and Maths.

Our Physics students go on to degree courses in many of the best universities. The maths you learn in Physics will be very useful if you're taking A Level Maths or Computing.

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