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English Literature AS

  • Course Level: AS Level
  • Duration: 2 Year
  • Qualification: AS
  • Awarded By: WJEC GCE

Introduction to course

2 years, assessed 60% course work and 40% exams

This is an ideal choice if you love reading and books and are interested in the big questions affecting human existence. It is also a highly respected A Level for university entry in many subjects. As an English student, you'll develop a host of useful analytical and communication skills including the ability to write coherently and critically - an essential skill that will help you in your other subjects, in higher education and in the world of employment. You will study a range of texts - poetry, prose and drama - from different periods. The course will involve studying and writing about literature in its historical, social and literary context, taking into account the times and conditions inwhich it was written and has been read.

If you love reading, theatre, writing and language, you'll find plenty to interest you in our English Department. All classes take place in a dedicated suite of rooms where you will also find computers, DVDs and other resources to extend your studies. You may attend conferences, workshops and theatre performances. The teachers in the English department are passionate about their subject and pride themselves on their ability to transmit their enthusiasm and interest to the students.

Entry Requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements, you are also required to have the following:

B in English and English Literature (if taken).

Click here for the general entry requirements

Course Progression

A Level English can lead to a variety of exciting and challenging degrees. The communication and analytical skills you will have developed through studying these subjects will be useful in a whole range of applications. Careers you may be considering include:

·         journalism and media

·         publishing

·         politics

·         creative writing

·         law

·         teaching

·         business

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