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World Development AS

  • Course Level: AS Level
  • Duration: 2 Year
  • Qualification: AS
  • Awarded By: WJEC GCE

Introduction to course

2 years, assessed by exams

This dynamic new course is all about understanding our role as global citizens and our responsibilities toward global development. You will gain an understanding of the relationship between development, poverty, people and their environment, as well as the nature of poverty and inequality. The course combines aspects of geography, international relations, politics, sociology and economics, exploring economic and political development at global, national and local levels.

You will develop your skills of critical analysis and independent thinking: highly useful skills for both university and the workplace. As well as a 100% pass rate at A Level, 60% of our students achieved A*-B this year. 

Course Details

The AS course is taught in two themes:

Theme 1 Development, Resources and Global Citizenship

Theme 2 Poverty and Inequality

In both of these themes we explore the 'unfairness' of the distribution of things such as wealth, education, health care. We investigate the reasons for inequality, the effects on people and their lives and how such issues can be managed sustainably.

Entry Requirements

You will need Bs in English, C in Maths and an average GCSE points score of 5.0.

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This course combines well with

This course combines well with Politics, Maths, English and History.

This course is not suitable with

We do not recommend combining this course with Geography.

Course Assessment

One 1.5 hour examinations plus a portfolio consisting of:

1.  An analysis of published articles on the theme of People, Resources and Global Citizenship

2. An essay of 1000 words based on the theme of Poverty and Inequality.

Exam = 70%

Coursework = 30%

Course Progression

The course is a good basis for studies in the Social Sciences at university. You will also develop skills sought after in employment.

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