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Business AS

  • Course Level: AS Level
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Qualification: AS
  • Awarded By: AQA

Introduction to course

How do you start a business? What makes some start-up businesses succeed and others fail? What decisions need to be taken to run a business profitably? These are just some of the fascinating issues we'll help you explore in your Business Studies AS and A2 units. The course takes you through the beginnings of any business, starting with being an entrepreneur and having a business idea and then exploring its development into a successful venture. You will also look at the roles of different departments of a business, including human resources and finance.

Moving from AS to A2, we focus on bigger businesses such as Tesco. Imagine yourself as a manager - how will the decisions you make impact within the various departments of the organisation? What will be the best way to solve a given problem? The exam is often in a case study format. You will need to consider what a given business would do in a particular situation. This means you need to be flexible in your thinking - you need to understand the concepts and theory and be able to apply this to different situations.

If you enjoy watching Dragon's Den or the Apprentice, if you like the idea of buying shares, if you want to manage a business or start up your own, or work in marketing, sales, finance or human resources, this is the subject for you. Our students say they like how Business Studies is relevant, they can see how it applies to the real world. Our lessons are very interactive - we want to know what you think! We help you understand why and how things happen in a business context, to consider what really matters and to look for the best solution in any given situation.

Course Details

The first topic, "Starting up a Business," looks at the best options open to an entrepreneur for starting a business and how the entrepreneur can raise finance.  Financial awareness will be developed and the use of numbers will be tested.  A variety of teaching strategies will be employed for this, including the use of YouTube and role play.  Every lesson in Business Studies looks to put students at the centre of the learning and we have guest speakers as well as visits outside College.

Entry Requirements

You'll need 5 GCSEs at Grades A*-C for our Business Studies AS/A2 course, including Bs in English Language or Literature plus another humanities subject, and a C in Maths.

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Course Progression

A Level Business Studies combines well with a variety of other subjects and can lead to a variety of exciting and challenging degrees and, ultimately, a very rewarding career. The communication and analytical skills you will develop through studying business will be useful in a whole range of applications.

Careers you may be considering include:

·         business administration

·         human resources

·         marketing

·         finance

·         banking

·         retail management

·         self-employment

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